Sice- urban slang from the DMV (D.C., Maryland and Virginia area).
It means to amp up, exaggerate, excite.
"I went in to work today and my boss said I have the rest of the day off. He just siced my whole day."
Sice your life means do what you want when you want.
About us (Long story short): We've been plant based since April 2017, married since March 2017, and together since August 2008. We quit our government jobs in 2012, sold everything, toured Europe where we got engaged in Paris, then moved to China. We've been living in China since November 2015 grinding stacking money, planning, investing, educating ourselves and growing personally every day. We're here to be open books and share our life with you. We love you! Thanks for checking in on us :) ;) (Long story below)
We built this site to inspire and help others to live outside of their comfort zone, to reach your full potential and live a healthy, natural, positive and happy life.:)

Our Story…                                                                                                                                                                 1/15/16

For years, ever since May 2012 after graduating from college, we thought about traveling; but it was more of an idea than a plan. After working at our job and realizing that promotions weren’t happening, we started putting our ideas into plans and our plans into action. Instead of instantly quitting our jobs we decided to take vacations, small trips to see the world in small portions because we just couldn’t wait.

We really got serious about our money. At that point we became really skilled at saving money, budgeting and cutting costs so we took a trip to the Dominican Republic like everyone’s first trip to the sunny Caribbean beach. There, is where we met a Canadian couple with whom we’re still friends with to this day. Three short months later, we found ourselves in the countryside of Canada in cabins exploring the Cabot Trail of Nova Scotia with our newfound friends from the DR!

At this point, we knew when we were going to fire our employers which was October 12, 2015 and move to Asia; but we just could not keep the thrill at ease. So we planned a Eurotrip before heading to Asia where we visited multiple cities in Spain, Italy and finally Paris, France where we got engaged after 7 years of loving friendship. Less than a month after returning to the states from Europe, we were selling our cars and most of our possessions, buying plane tickets to Dalian, China just 7 days prior to our departure.

Now we have started our journey of traveling the world. Currently living in Dalian, China since Nov 2015, working as TEFL teachers with a target goal in mind of paying off our hefty student loan debt within 3 years versus 30 and investing to become financially free. Married March 31, 2017 and honeymooned in Bali. Where will we go next?  We don’t know, we just hope it’s warm.

All we want to do now is keep sicing our lives, Live Life, Love, have a family and Travel! Sice your life; Enjoy!
With Love,



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